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Borderless Financial Tech for Efficient Access and Global Inclusion

Borderless Financial Tech for Efficient Access and Global Inclusion

Despite cross-border payments expected to reach $40 trillion globally by 2024 per Juniper Research, these transactions can still be unpredictable as latency, fees, and policies add friction across countries, currencies, and payment categories. The other major issue is that regardless of this growing surge of global money in motion, the World Bank reported that at the start of 2022 there still remains 1.4 billion people considered unbanked globally who have little to no access.

It is important to report though that there is a new breed of cross-border financial innovators and innovations developing that can move money in nimble new ways by seamlessly bridging the worlds of fiat and digital currency. These new approaches and technologies are able to reduce settlement time, slash costs, and optimize settlements, while offering new levels of compliance, transparency, and access.

To learn more, we were introduced to Adam Swartzbaugh, CEO and Yunus Sevimli, CTO of Almond FinTech – a B2B technology company with a mission to increase worldwide financial inclusion. Almond is creating global money transfer and…

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