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Blockchain Games Key to Onboarding a ‘Critical Mass of Users Onto Web3’ — Claudio Riff – Interview Bitcoin News

Blockchain Games Key to Onboarding a 'Critical Mass of Users Onto Web3' — Claudio Riff – Interview Bitcoin News

According to Claudio Riff, the CEO of Pooky, a sport prediction game powered by blockchain, gaming may be one of the more effective ways of getting users to experience the potential of blockchain and Web3 without dealing with the associated complexities.

Onboarding People to Web3 Through Gaming

Pointing to the gaming industry’s appeal and reported market value of over $200 billion in 2021, the CEO of Pooky postulated that having more blockchain-based games could potentially help “onboard a critical mass of users onto Web3.”

In written responses sent to News via Whatsapp, Claudio Riff, an early-stage investor, explained why using games to educate users about Web3 technologies is believed to be more effective than doing so the conventional way. He also highlighted the difference between sports betting and a new phenomenon known as sport prediction and why the latter is seen as a better game.

Below are Riff’s responses to the questions from News. News (BCN): In your opinion, what is the biggest hurdle to the mass adoption of Web3 technologies?

Claudio Riff (CR): The biggest hurdle to increasing the adoption of Web3 technologies is the user experience. The need to interact with multiple interfaces, including wallets, exchanges, and Dapps, can be confusing and intimidating for users who are not familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, the complexity of the vocabulary associated with Web3 technologies can be a significant blocker for potential users.

To increase adoption, we need to simplify the language and concepts associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency and create intuitive onboarding experiences that guide users through the process of getting started. We can also bridge the gap between crypto and fiat by creating seamless on-ramps and off-ramps that allow users to easily exchange between the two.

Successful Web2 platforms have created user experiences that are easy to understand and navigate even though the underlying technology (internet) is also complicated. By applying these principles to Web3 technologies, we can create a more accessible and user-friendly ecosystem that encourages adoption and growth.

BCN: What are the reasons to believe that gaming holds the key to the mass adoption of Web3 and in what ways do Web3 games help educate players about blockchain technology and Web3?

CR: Games are a powerful tool for engaging people because they provide a fun and interactive…

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