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Bitcoin (BTC)’s Price Faces Threat As Analyst Foresees $54.73 Million Liquidation


According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) has maintained its upward price trajectory over the last day, gaining by 4.04% to briefly trade above the $48,000 mark. As BTC now hovers around the $47,100 price zone, investors and market experts remain highly speculative about the token’s next action. On that note, popular analyst Ali Martinez has called a major prediction that could spell weighty losses for many investors. 

Liquidity Hunters Target $45,810 In Potential Bitcoin Price Manipulation Plot 

In an X post on Friday, Martinez predicted an incoming dip in Bitcoin’s price driven by a planned liquidation. Using data from the cryptocurrency futures trading platform, CoinGlass, the analyst stated the Bitcoin liquidation heatmap indicated that there is potential strategic liquidation in play.

Martinez stated that liquidity hunters in the BTC market could be looking to push the token’s price as low as $45,810 for personal benefits. For context, liquidity hunters are traders or investors who actively seek opportunities in the financial markets to exploit changes in liquidity. 

This set of market players often targets specific price levels where there is a concentration of stop-loss orders or where market liquidity is expected to be thin. By triggering liquidations or capitalizing on price movements, liquidity hunters aim to profit from short-term market inefficiencies. 

According to Martinez, the liquidity hunters in the BTC market are currently looking to induce an estimated 3% decline in the token’s price. While this change may seem minimal, it represents an astounding $54.73 million in liquidations. Based on these numbers, BTC traders and investors should be wary of potentially significant losses in the coming days. 

BTC Price Overview 

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