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AdTech Bot Prevention in the Era of Web2 vs. Web3: Where to Put Your Money?

AdTech Bot Prevention in the Era of Web2 vs. Web3: Where to Put Your Money?

The battle against bots in digital advertising has been a persistent challenge in the Web2 era. Techniques like traffic filtering and machine learning have been employed but limitations remain. Enter Web3, the next-generation internet based on decentralization and blockchain technology.

It offers a tamper-proof ledger for ad interactions, enhancing security and transparency. This innovation benefits advertisers, publishers, and users by ensuring accurate and authentic ad interactions while reducing the risk of bot-generated impersonation and fake profiles. It’s a promising solution to the ongoing bot problem in digital advertising.

Key Differences Between Web2 and Web3 AdTech Solutions

DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science (IAS), and Verasity/VeraViews each approach the fight against ad fraud and bot activity in unique ways, leveraging their specific strengths and technologies. DoubleVerify’s approach involves real-time data analysis to detect irregularities and anomalies in digital advertising campaigns that may indicate bot activity. By monitoring metrics like invalid traffic and non-human traffic, they can identify fraudulent behavior swiftly. Their reputation in the industry is built on their ability to ensure that ad placements are viewed by genuine human audiences, ultimately preventing fraudulent impressions and clicks.

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