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A Volume-Boosting Tactic? Binance Contacts Lesser-Known Crypto Projects

Binance Seeks to ‘Work Closely’ with Malaysian Crypto Exchanges

the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, in the past
week has been reaching out to digital asset projects on its
platform with
smaller market capitalization and low-liquidity tokens.

to The Block, which first reported the news, the exchange has been asking about
the market makers associated with these projects. Binance is also asking if the
projects would be open to allocating up to 5% of their circulating tokens into
its savings pools in exchange for interest earnings.

While the
move appears to be targeted at boosting trading volumes on Binance, a
spokesperson from the exchange told CoinDesk the move is part of the exchange’s
“ongoing risk management initiative.” “These projects have relatively lower
market liquidity trading pairs and/or a smaller market capitalization, which
potentially exposes users to risk, including potential market manipulation,”
the spokesperson said.

In other words, Binance
sees the move as a way for the crypto projects “to enhance their liquidity
protection.” Furthermore, the
spokesperson emphasized that the call for participation in its saving
pool is optional, The Block reported.

screenshots of what appears to be the line of communication between Binance’s agents and
the smaller crypto projects have also emerged on social media.

Lower Volatility Hits

recent efforts come to light as the crypto spot and derivatives market share of
the exchange fell for the fifth
consecutive month in July
to 40.4%, according to data from CCData, a digital
assets data provider. On the contrary, exchanges such as Huobi, DigiFinex
and KuCoin, have seen their market
share grow
by 6%, 3.5%
and 1.3%, respectively, since January 2023.

In July,
the crypto industry continued to suffer a
lack of volatility
, with spot and derivatives trading volumes going down by 10.5% and
12.7% to $515 billion and $1.85 trillion, respectively. In addition, the
total volumes of crypto spot and derivatives traded on centralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase declined by 12% in July, hitting $2.36 trillion. This marked the lowest
monthly trading activity, year to date.

With $208
billion in total spot trading volume, Binance remains the biggest crypto
exchange in the world. However, Upbit, a South…

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